Partial IT outsourcing

Our Customers

KOMPLUS provides IT services for companies, operating in Poland.

We provide partial IT Outsourcing services to support internal IT department. Partial IT services can cover below areas servers and network

  • Data backup
  • Monitoring of servers efficiency
  • Day-to-day control of the system and software logs and defects removal
  • Monitoring of sub network and active hardware in the network
  • Configuration of network environments on servers and workstations


  • Helpdesk for employees
  • Hot-Line service – technical support
  • Maintenance service for workstations


  • Helpdesk
  • Problem reporting and resolution
  • Maintenance releases
  • Installation support
  • Release updates
  • Knowledge database
  • Service Level Agreements
For more information, please contact:

Bartek Domański
00 48 501 599 394, 00 48 22 843 20 51
[email protected]